Tuition Fees- something worth to talk about on TV.

Dora wrote...

In spite of Nick Clegg’s pledge to oppose all university tuition fee rises, new students are now to pay a maximum of £9000. A rise of £6000 a year. And it seems this rise has not only consequences for the students in Liverpool.  Cab drivers, restaurants and pubs seem to suffer some income loss as the students are more carefull spending their money.

As one of the interviewees said, these are the choices the society stands for, should taxes be raised or should the state retreat from university funding.

It is said that 7,7% less students have applied for university.

According to Rebecca Ratcliffe (in The Guardian), “It doesn’t come as a surprise that people from lower economic groups are put off by higher fees, but the reason we have loans, bursaries and grants available is to make university accessible. It’s a concern that this message isn’t getting across. (…) University isn’t the right choice for all students, but noone should be put off applying because of short term financial concerns.”


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