A lady from Toxteth, speaking on September 15, Toxteth Liverpool

Dora wrote...

As a community, we got together this. Because it matters, community matters. And it matters way before Cameron said it matters. And the riots, that is what brought about the decay of this area (Toxteth area), the riots were not about people being anarchist, it was about a scream of pain from a society that it was being treated as shit. By anybody with power. And what happened to this area after that was punishment for the riots. A collective mythology that smells of racism. And you know, this whole hing about racism it does not belong to the police, it belongs to the whole of society, to the part of society that is got power. One of the things that came out of this area following the riots is the Toxteth loan in the city of Liverpool as a place that welcomes and embraces everybody. We are not tolerant, because who the hell wants to be tolerant and I don’t want to belong to the British society that tolerates… because I don’t want to be tolerated, I want to be welcome, I want to be part of society. And that is what this area is and it always has been.


And Liverpool City Council, these elected people who are paid millions, they have such a negative mythology about this area Toxteth, and they seek to destroy it. So anarchism was not such a great thing, but collectivism. Collectivism and a huge amount of love, because I am also a product of the sixties, and seventies, and my role modes are Angela Davies, as well as Germaine Greer.


Ignorance brings contempt, and all I can say is that the people in power are terribly ignorant.

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