A slightly depressing talk show, But should Truth be entertaining?

Dora wrote...

A strange talk show, where our main guests were unemployed people that spend their day at the Bluecoat gallery – just a way to pass the time, they say.

They have absolutely nothing to do the whole day, “it is better than to go to bars and drink” – they insisted so much on that one might think they had considered that possibility more than often.

So they were there and they spoke in an almost impossible to understand manner, partly because of their Scouser accent, partly because they mumbled – this was the mumble show- partly because they spoke in a very very soft way.

So we did not understand much and once Peter tried to run to the streets seeking boldness, activity, initiative, nerve, Chutzpah! only to find a father of two young girls explaining that, if he could decide what it was on TV – … that was not the question, the question was “What would say if you were on TV”?- if he could decide that, then he only would give the good news. Great idea, we should have asked his daughters.

All in all, a very interesting show, a true show, because who said that Truth was entertaining? Thanks to all the people in it. Very special thanks to Eddy, and his love for Constable, that turned out to be Turner after all.


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